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Over the past 11 years PLM has conducted due diligence on over $38B worth of assets, during 85+ transactions.  We’ve seen a wide variety of VDR “solutions” to share data regarding those assets.  We realized early on that we needed to provide a stable, secure, organized platform to facilitate those transactions, and we now have a mature service offering to support our clients’ M&A activities, the PLM VDR Platform, powered by Overdrive.  

Pull all of your asset data in a structured format, and quickly provide appropriate information at each stage of the negotiation.

VDR Provided Item List (Pre-Transaction with Seller)

  • Accounting Data

    • Tabular (csv/excel/access) export from system

    • Supporting documents

      • PDFs, jpegs, metadata spreadsheets

    • Revenue, Pay Decks, JIB, DO

  • Land System Data

    • Tabular (csv/excel/access) export from system

    • Supporting documents

      • PDFs, jpegs, metadata spreadsheets

      • Ownership Reports, Title Opinions, Expirations, Provisions

  • Land Data (not in a system)

    • Initial exhibit

    • PDFs

    • Spreadsheets

    • File maps

    • Presentations

    • Ownership Reports, Title Opinions, Expirations

  • GIS Data

    • Well, Lease, Tract, Unit, Contract, Roads etc

    • Shapefiles

    • Geodatabases

    • File maps

  • Engineering/Geology Data

    • Production data

    • PUD locations

    • Technical Analysis - type curves and allocated values

VDR Solution Components (Pre-transaction with Seller)

  • GIS

    • GIS data layers

    • Web Map and Users

    • Link to associated documents

  • Google Drive

    • Documents

    • Spreadsheets

    • Logs

    • Users for Access

    • Auto-OCR of all documents

  • XREF Building

    • Spreadsheets or database tables generated or cleaned up by PLM to further associate data points i.e. Accounting to Land with matching Units names, or units to wells etc.

    • Relationship XREF log/table

  • Folder/File Reorganization

    • File/folder location replication based on related data/XREF.

  • Sensitive Data / Data Integrity Scan

    • Analysis and Report of files/data containing sensitive data such as SS, bank account numbers etc.

VDR/PLM Services (Transaction with Buyer)

  • Data Transfers

    • Cloud to Cloud

    • Drive to Cloud / Cloud to Drive

  • Data Conversion /Preparation

    • Preparing data for Target system 

    • Creation, curation & clean up

  • Land Services Stuff goes here

    • DD

    • Lease Review

All of the data is organized to give an appropriate amount of visibility to each stage of the transaction.  Simply provide a link to prospective buyers that gives an overview of the asset.  Give bidders more information to facilitate a deal.  PSA negotiations can be supported by more detail.  PLM will then provide the organized data once the transaction is closed, to support a smooth transfer of ownership.  

Let us help you manage the A&D process with an easy-to-use, map-based management solution.

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