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PLM OHIO REALTY LLC is a fully licensed real estate brokerage with a team of State Real Estate Licensed Buyer Agent Landmen.

As a subsidiary of the well established and successful Purple Land Mangagement , we are truly pioneers in the Mineral and Gas Industry. In a major shift, certain states transitioned to state licensing requirements for landmen. These states, Ohio being the first, have designated mineral and gas interests as “real property” and in turn are now regulated under State Real Estate Law. Our team of seasoned, knowledgeable Land Professionals lead the industry by taking the training and testing required in advance to be exclusive Landmen licensed Real
Estate Agents. We provide buyers of Mineral and Gas interests a fully licensed team of Land Professionals to navigate on the ground with landowners (regarding purchasing, where unlicensed landmen are no longer allowed) in the most successful and professional way possible to meet Buyer’s goals.

Our licensed professionals at PLM Ohio Realty LLC are overseen by one of the
most experienced Designated Brokers in her field. Debra Phillips has over 30 years in real estate experience with most of those years serving as a direct Broker for large national corporate entities.   

Let us be your landowner contact and insure your position and goals are met in your mineral and gas buying journey.
Contact our office to discuss how we can serve you!

PLM Ohio Realty, LLC
Phone: 330.541.5522
Fax: 817.549.0110 
5590 Lauby Road, Suite 6, North Canton, OH 44720​

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