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Our clients have specialized requirements, based on their operational model, and we've built our business around delivering value specific to those goals.


Many of our clients base their operations around drilling and maintenance operations.  We know our clients need timely insights into rig schedules, title disposition, lease obligations, maintenance windows, and daily operations.  

At PLM, we understand the interactions between land, engineering, geology, finance, legal, and all of the other complexities that our clients face every day.  For our E&P customer base, we provide data to support operational priorities in a visual format. Integrating the geography of land dimensions, with the geology and engineering of drilling operations, we can combine oil and gas contract details to carry out your exploration efforts, drilling plans, and maintenance objectives. Overdrive is our Project Management Portal, and enables the appropriate business process to be implemented for planning, risk management and operational optimization . We help the E&P space with: 

  • Exploration and Drilling Programs (prospect, unit and well clearance) -we work with groups that execute stealth projects, organic acreage acquisition campaigns and with companies managing a 20 + rig program.

  • Our project management tool runs parallel to your internal systems (it is not a replacement) --allowing our team to mold around your operations and not the other way around. Don’t wait for weeks to see land data captured in your system. We focus on delivering fully digital work product to immediately access such data across your organization.


Many of our clients manage extensive mineral and royalty portfolios.  We understand that these clients need to see financial metrics, acreage portfolios in a visual format, leasing progress, and available acreage.  Timely information can improve the value and return on these key investments. 

PLM provides services and visibility for our clients who are generating and qualifying leads for the acquisition and divestiture of minerals and royalty assets.  By providing insight and visibility to the asset characteristics, our clients can move faster and make more informed decisions. Our web based solution allows customers to track, monitor and accelerate closings for their mineral/royalty campaigns. Working with structured data and information allows you to move transactions along at a more rapid pace.  Some of our services include:

  • Lead Qualification and Generation

  • Document generation, tracking and file management

  • Spatial management of ongoing negotiations within your AOI

  • Third party integration within your AOI to monitor activity

  • Deployment of dashboards for your investors, LPs and capital sponsors


Our clients are constantly executing transactions as they manage their portfolios.  Whether multi-billion asset buys, or bolt-on acquisitions of complementary acreage, we’ve supported billions of dollars of transactions. 

PLM has helped its customers close over 500 transactions across the lower 48. We leverage algorithms and applications to build inventories and organize data quickly on the front end to align our efforts with your team’s allocation of value and objectives. The areas of transactions we execute on are: Acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, capital/finance partnerships (equity, debt facilities, DrillCo) and bankruptcy proceedings. We help our customers  with specific offerings around their needs, including: 

  • Due diligence to verify the represented interest across oil and gas leases, wells, units and development areas. 

  • Automating VDR breakdown and standardizing the organization of files and data to kick off DD (VDRs are never organized according to the buyer’s/investor’s needs) 

  • Restructuring and relabeling files during the DD and post closing to be consumed by your file management system (automated)

  • Deploying our project management to provide a real time means of communication between all parties involved (buyers, sellers, law firms, consultants and financial institutions)

  • Data validation and formatting to be prepped for post closing conversion and migrations

  • Relational dataset build outs and formatting 

  • Data conversions and migrations

Business Drivers: Practices

Our clients are constantly optimizing their operations across production, planning, engineering and finance.  Typically, land has had to react to corporate decision making, playing a limited role in the planning process.  At PLM, we’re enabling Land with better visibility into all aspects of the business, including visualization of outcomes.  We’re helping Land play a proactive role in the optimization of assets.  

Because we present our work in a visual manner, via our Project Management Portal, our clients have access to information from all of their internal systems to make better economic decisions.  We understand how the client wants to “see” their positions, allowing them to derive more value from:

  • Acreage trades

    • Facilitate the scouting and prospecting for off set acreage

    • Facilitate due diligence for trades and acreage swaps

  • Technical data trades

  • Bolt-on acquisitions

  • Business process improvements


Land Operations have traditionally trailed other areas of Oil and Gas in connecting data and streamlining operations.  In many cases, Land must manually gather information from a variety of sources, or request outputs from other systems to support their initiatives.  This leads to delays.  We understand our clients’ frustration in working with data from a variety of systems to gain insights. At PLM, we know what Land wants to see, where that data lies, and how to present it to enable insight.  

We specialize in creating a geospatial representation of our clients’ operations, pulling data from systems across the sector (accounting, finance, geology, engineering, land and regulatory)  to create a single view that allows your team to make informed decisions. 

Our robust process inventories databases, normalizes data, integrates multi-disciplinary information, visualizes assets, and presents dynamic maps to provide insight.  

We enable our clients to stop operating out of spreadsheets, and visualize the operations in a logical, geospatial platform.  

Business Drivers: Practices
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