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Good Morning, Denver!

PLM, like everyone else, moved to a completely virtual office model during the pandemic. Fortunately, we had the tools and processes in place to do this seamlessly. Like a lot of companies, we reduced costs by letting office space go, and this included our Denver office. Our people didn’t leave, but we went several months without a physical office there. Judging by the lack of activity in downtown Denver, a lot of others did the same.

Pre-Covid, downtown Denver was the type of town where you came to work, left the car parked all day, and did all your business within walking distance of the office. I enjoyed meeting with friends and colleagues at a wide selection of restaurants and gathering places. Remote work is fine for conducting due diligence or other types of land work, but land is a social industry and we spent most of 2020 unable to enjoy that aspect of the business.

Fast forward to today. The price of oil is climbing again, and optimism is starting to catch up to the WTI. We’re seeing more activity, and people are getting out again. Thanks to great clients, long-time friends, and a resilient industry, we’re busy. The time, we feel, is right to invest back into the business community of Denver. We’re re-opening our office, and we want to get Denver back to the robust, in-person business community that it was prior to Covid. We’re open for business in downtown Denver, and we want to help restore this great town one lunch or one happy hour at a time.

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