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PLM has taken the same innovative approach to developing back office services such as Division Order Analysis and Lease Analysis.  We've developed an integrated process to simplify work, eliminate duplication, and streamline manual activities.

Our platform was designed by people who have extensive experience, and understand the limitations and frustrations associated with traditional systems. As a result, our approach  allows our clients and our people to get the data they need, when they need it.

In addition to supporting our clients' operations, our owner relations feature allows for more exceptional tracking of interactions and special requirements. Owner requests do not get buried or lost, and are directed to the right person, resolved in a reasonable amount of time, and kept for future reference.

PLM’s GIS Overdrive portal provides an organized,

 map-based repository of key asset metrics:

•Well/Asset ID codes

•Cost Center (well/property) management

•Contracts & Leases

•Owner name & address

•Ownership decks (both Revenue and JIB)

•Owner categorization


•Payout Tracking





•Associate Wells to either Lease and/or Contract

•GIS/Shape files

•User-driven manipulation & exports

• User-driven data manipulation & exports

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