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Experienced Excellence

PLM has pioneered new delivery models for traditional ROW and surface title work.  

For Right-of-Way, we utilize incentive-based pricing to keep teams motivated during the entire lifecycle of the project.  We execute quickly, and take pride in high-quality work product.   

We also leverage our Overdrive Portal to deliver projects, which minimizes the time client managers spend in tracking project progress.  We integrate data entry, CRM, document management, and GIS into a single project repository, for better visibility and high quality.  

Our services include:​​

  • Acquisition- right of way, easement, surface location site

  • Due Diligence- acquisition and divestiture 

  • Title- surface, mineral, storage

  • Curative- courthouse, field, heirship

  • GIS- deed plots, route mapping

  • Project and Asset Management- real time reporting, staffing, budgeting

    • Weekly broker reports (monitor/report cost, timeline, staffing)

  • Data Management/Migration

Midstream: About
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